A sizing up, if you will, of 2011…

~Saturday~  I spent a good deal of today finishing up the task I started yesterday, which was to get a donation together to bring to Goodwill today. This year’s source was my master bedroom closet, and although I ended up with a good “take,” rest assured that there are still more places to mine for … Read more

Shooing away some shoes, including a pair of pumps and a single left shoe…

~Friday~ It’s the penultimate day of the year. Wednesday was the preantepenultimate day and yesterday was the antepenultimate day. But I digress… I began my end-of-the-year donations-gathering by tackling my shoe collection. Here’s what I ended up with in the donation box, which by the way, I’m still torn at this point as to whether … Read more

WTF??? … Oh.

~Wednesday~  I don’t understand. I had my phone charging all night long, but this morning, the battery indicator was in the “yellow” zone, about to go “red.” WTF? Oh. I hate it when that happens. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know about phantom loads. The average cell phone charger uses 2.5 watts of electricity when … Read more

Christmas 2011

~Sunday~ I was on the road to Greenville by 8:30, and with one stop at a Sheetz gas station along the way, I arrived in Greenville shortly after 10:00. I started things off with a bourbon and diet, and mom and dad arrived not too long after that. This was The Year of the Snowman, … Read more

You’re repeating yourself—or maybe you aren’t

~Friday~ The prodigal porker returned to the gym today. My fatted calf—and my fatted thigh and other parts, for that matter—were like, “WTF?” I had the following short conversation with myself at about 6:00: Superego: How are you going to feel if you don’t go to the gym tonight? Ego: Shitty; down on yourself. Superego: … Read more

Holiday Affirmations

~Thursday~  This is a John-Martin-fan-club entry, so if you don’t have a barf bag handy, you might want to skip it. I’m capturing some affirmations from a few of my holiday cards: John, I hope you have a wonderful holiday! May you have a joyful new year with lots of time to do all the … Read more