Is playing an old video game like riding a bicycle or getting back on the horse?

~Sunday~  I’ve mentioned here before that as part of our assignments for this graduate level Games & Learning Design Course, we have to play games—six of them to be exact—and do “game journal” entries about them. At one point in my life, I spent a lot of time playing this game: It’s probably been about … Read more

How a misinterpreted response, which became a significant white lie, ended up a healthy daily habit.

~Tuesday~  Last Wednesday, I had my semi-annual teeth cleaning at the dentist I’ve been going to for over 30 years, and with the hygienist I always request, going so far as to schedule my next appointment on a day that she’s scheduled to work. We have the kind of relationship, where last year she said, … Read more

Just because you tell a story the same way for years, it doesn’t mean it ‘s true…

~Monday~  While having lunch with my parents for their ‘tween birthdays on Saturday, I decided to take advantage of one of the few remaining living sources that could verify a story that I’ve been telling for years—and have repeated recently a couple of times in the context of the election of the new pope. I’m … Read more

Salon XXXVI: dedications, large tabs, generational videos, burlesque, Salon talk, & distractions…

~Sunday~  Today was our thirty-sixth Salon meeting, and we met at Anna’s house and Skyped in Kim, which didn’t end up working so well this evening, so she dropped out after the Burlesque question. Below is our agenda, with my answers following each item: 1. If you’ve published something that allowed a dedication, did you … Read more

Thoughts on Quartet (the movie): Opera mindmaps, line-dancing retirement homes, & seasoned wood…

~Tuesday~ I joined my friend Bob, and his friends Cindy and Tina, at the Colony Theater for the 7:15 screening of Quartet this evening. I enjoyed this movie, although I suspect more so than others might, because I really enjoy opera music. I used to attend the opera regularly, with my friend Mary—who found it … Read more