Rewarding writing…

~Tuesday~  I had a professionally rewarding day at work today.

Our organization had its annual OIT Awards for Excellence reception at which 7 of my colleagues were recognized for outstanding work, having been nominated by a peer. Three of those seven were selected as “winners,” and will go on to the University Awards for Excellence level of recognition in June.

I was not nominated for an award this year, although I did win one in 2010 and it’s a great feeling.

So what was rewarding about this for me today?

In my role as a technical editor for our organization, I have two tasks associated with these awards:

  1. If requested by a nominator, to edit their nomination write-up about their nominee before it’s submitted. The write-up is limited to two pages and contains—on average—about 1000 words.
  2. To write 100-word synopses of all seven of those 1000-word nominations once they’re submitted, to be read at the ceremony in recognition of the recipients.

So today, I got to hear each of the nominators read my work in front of the attending colleagues in my organization, and that was rewarding.

What was also rewarding was that of the three winners chosen, I had edited two of the nominations before they were submitted.

And the nomination of the third winner? Well I nominated that person, so had written that nomination myself.

In another writing affirmation today, I took the meeting notes for our Google Service Team meeting, about which the leader of the team sent me this email:



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