Internet tools for better, healthier living…

~Wednesday~  There are so many great, free, tools available to help me “stay on track” with my Walking Challenge 2012.

Props to my friend Joe for introducing me to, where I can plot my walk to get a quick distance total to enter into

It’s just a matter of entering the address around the area you want to measure the distance for, and then clicking the cursor at each intersection, or anywhere really, to which you walked, and it plots your course while calculating the distance.

In fact, here’s today’s walk plot:

1.9891 miles around campus

Thanks, Joe!

It also just occurred to me, after using it for over a year now, that there’s probably a mobile version of, and sure enough, that’s now on my iPhone.

And, bonus, while getting that I saw a FoodScanner app from the

Scans UPC code to get nutrition info for

How convenient is that?!? And free, too!

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