Man vs. Sandwich: I can believe he didn’t eat the whole thing!

~Thursday~  I decided—on a whim really—to go check out the Man vs. Sandwich Contest being held at one of my favorite watering holes tonight, The Borough.

To my suprise—and his, actually—my friend Paul Finger was chosen to meet the challenge of eating a giant sandwich in 30 minutes, with the prize being free food for six months at this establishment.

After signing this waiver (with editing markups on the word matter—which should be manner—by yours truly):

The “sandwich” was delivered:

Here’s a closer-up picture of it:

And closer yet:

At about one-third of the way through the time, he was about one-third of the way through the sandwich:

That polite knife-and-fork pace was not going to work going forward though, so Paul took things into his own hands:

Not too long after that, Paul hit the wall, as they say, and he convened with the porcelain god.

And so it ended as abruptly as it had begun, with these immortal words of the contestant himself: “There was no way possible to eat that thing in 30 minutes. I gave it a good try until I hit the jalepeno peppers, and oh snap came the gag.”

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