Weigh-in and class…

Court and I got in early today. It was hard getting up this morning, as I only had four hours of sleep.

I met Richard for lunch at Pipers in the Park. I had the Turkey Wrap again. I’m not thrilled about eating “off the program,” but I did get slaw instead of the potato chips, and the wrap is not too bad. I ate on the light side for the rest of the day, though, and really fought off a temptation to eat something late at night after class.

I felt disconnected in class tonight. Not sure I can put my finger on it; I think it was a combination of things:

  • Being assigned an overwhelming amount to do during the 1.25 hours.
  • Having to do a task with a “genre” (and I use the term loosely), namely auction sites, that I’m totally unfamiliar with. (I’m an ESFJ. I like details and routine things. If I have to do big picture stuff on the fly, making me exercise the N and P of M-B, then I go into a discomfort zone. I’m not saying this is bad, and that I don’t look at it as “good practice,” I’m just saying it’s not comfortable, which probably added to my experience this evening.)
  • Even though I took 6 Dreamweaver classes last semester, and used it extensively over the summer to overhaul my home page, I still can’t use it “on the fly” in a classroom. I need time to code something, test it, fix it, or gussy it up. I find “do all this and then whip up a web page to display your results” in something like a half hour overwhelming.
  • Everyone else in the class seemed to easily “break into groups” except me. I’m ambivalent about that in that I’d rather work alone, especially when I’m out of my comfort zone, but it also bugs me that as an extrovert, I didn’t easily “team.” It reminds me of in bars, if I don’t know anyone, I will stand alone all night and not talk to anyone, rather than going up and starting a conversation. Bad extrovert!

Oh well. Enough introspection. I found it interesting checking my emotions, that I went from “Maybe I ought to drop this class,” to “I’m very pleased with what I came up with toward the end of class in spite of the uncomfortable journey to it.” I guess that’s one of those “what doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger” mini-journeys. How melodramatic. Lights! Fade to black.

I got to bed early tonight — into my nice, clean sheets, thanks to Robert.

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