The weather that never came…

I worked a lot on my “Feedback Response” assignment today, probably much more than I needed to, but it was interesting, and it helped me brush up on my Dreamweaver skills. Probably, psychologically, subconsciously it was an aversion to starting the next reading of Swales. Can’t blame myself for that!

Though the city of Raleigh must have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars putting salt out on the roads as a preventive measure, the highly anticipated snow never materialized. Isn’t meteorology a science?

I wasn’t planning to go out, but decided to at about 11:00. I got to Flex right at 11:30, and the most dreadful “entertainment” was in progress. This rather hunky guy was singing some song that I would guess had the name of GI Joe Barbie or just GI Barbie, I don’t know. All I know was that after about 3 minutes I was praying it would end soon. Just awful. He wasn’t in drag, but had just thrown a blond wig, which didn’t fit well at all (which I think was intentional), no make-up or anything and he had a beard or goatee. He wasn’t trying to do drag, and he wasn’t. It really doesn’t matter what he looked like, what he was singing was not funny or good.

After that he said, “And now for my last number,” and I thought simultaneously, “Thank god,” and “Not another one!” Another awful one. Some song about being gay done in gangsta rap. It was just plain bad. I left within an hour. The trip was not worth getting my clothes smelling like smoke for, you know? (I added “you know” at the end of that sentence just so it wouldn’t end in a preposition, even though I read recently that that’s just a guideline not a rule.)

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