A bumper sticker, country song lyrics, oil changes, check engine lights, and blogging…

Bumper sticker seen today:

It ain’t over ’til your brother
counts the votes.

I know it’s got to be old, but I’ve never seen it before.

You gotta love country music lyrics. These may be to an old song, but if they are, I don’t know the song. The “narrator” in the song is singing about what a “bad boy” he was as a kid, and the refrain includes this line: “I turned out to be the only hell my mama ever raised.”

I took my car to Jiffy Lube for a long overdue oil change. My history stands as follows:

  • 49,376
  • 36,581
  • 28,879
  • 24,668
  • 22,124
  • 15,845
  • 13,060
  • 9,298

which translates into intervals of:

  • 12,795
  • 7,702
  • 4,211
  • 2,544
  • 6,279
  • 2,785
  • 3,762

which, clearly is a bad trend. Must be more diligent.

They couldn’t read the “check engine light code” for me, because “the other bay” was “too busy.” They suggested I go across the street to the Advance Auto parts store to have it done. Who knew an auto parts store would do that for you? And free of charge?

It’s the same code that appeared last year about my emissions control system. What a fucking hassle that was.

I came home, had lunch, and then headed to Helios to meet Kevin (av8rdude) at 1:00.

I spent the first hour there trying to get connected to the Internet. It’s so annoying how people don’t speak up there when there’s a problem with the router.

Someone from “the office upstairs” (where the router is located) came to talk to someone at the counter, and I said as she was heading back upstairs, “Would you please check the router? People can’t get on.” Two seconds later (okay, that’s hyperbole) I was able to get on.

I spent most of the afternoon there catching up my blog from the last week. Fortunately, I had kept notes during the week, knowing it was going to be the week from hell, and whenever I could get back to it, all the days were going to run together.

I left there at about 5:30.

At home, I completed the last, and oldest, of my missing blog entries (my “Prompt Writings” from last Saturday), which I’d forgotten to take with me to Helios to copy.

I spent some time using StubleUpon, which I’ve come to love, and created a “template” for my database postings for COM598M.

Things that make you go, “Hmmmm!”

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