Better (knock on wood), the CECE walk-through, and driving to Snowshoe Mountain…

I got up at 8AM, and did a little bit of work on my ENG 675 Design Document capturing some information from my meeting with Jon Idol yesterday.

I had my morning coffee and some breakfast, and let’s just leave it at a surprising “solid morning duty.” There is a &deity.

After the trash and recycle folks came, I wheeled my containers back ’round back, and got my skis, boots, and poles out of the shed. Everything looks in order.

I packed my ski clothes, and I’m not going to get into how disgusted with myself I am for how much weight I’ve gained made only the more evident by trying on my ski clothes. Argh!

We had our Service-Learning walk-through in the new building we’re going to move into in a few months. What a great space.

I felt a good sense of camaraderie there with the team.

The ultimate pun happened while as we gathered in what will be the break room to take a group photo. I hopped up on one of the counters to sit for the picture, and Elizabeth jumped up on the other side.

I rubbed my hand on the gray-colored counter top and said, “Is this granite?”

She deadpanned, “I’m taking it for granite.” Fanfuckingtabulous.

Back at the house, I sent out one last Service-Learning e-mail letting everyone know about the decision for the March meeting date.

Rick arrived at 3:45, and we headed out of town right at 4:00.

We took a couple of wrong turns on the way, but never went too far out of the way. I was supposed to be piloting.

We stopped for dinner at a Subway in Roanoke, got foot-longs, but only ate half of them.

When we got about 15 miles from Marlinton where we were spending the night, it started snowing like a banshee. [I know, mixed metaphor.]

For four miles it was very hard to see with the snow coming down as fast as it was and flying into our headlights and the road becoming completely covered.

After that four-mile stretch, we reached clear pavement, assuming they had salted or sanded here earlier. We were able to ride the remaining nine miles a little more quickly.

We checked in at about 10:15, had a couple of drinks, and the other halves of our Subway sandwiches.

We got to bed at about 11:30, with dreams of the weather spending the night coating Snowshoe Mountain for our big debut in the morning.

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