MBD board meeting, lunch w/Robert, exercising, dinner@Greek Fiesta…

I attended our Manbites Dog September board meeting today from 10:00-12:00 at the theater in Durham. Only four (of seven) of us were present, and I volunteered to take the minutes.

After the meeting, I picked up Robert at his “old” apartment, giving him a break in the middle of moving to his new place, by treating him to lunch at IHOP.

I had the Colorado Scramble, which was good except for one particular meat that was in it. It reminded me of this stringy meat that my mom used to put in stew when we were kids. Yuck. I picked as much of it out as I could.

I ate half of the omelet and boxed the other half to go, and then promptly left the to-go container at the cash register when paying our bill. Oh well.

I took a nap in the afternoon, and go to the gym at 6:00—just in time to get an hour in before they closed. It was an upper body day for me, and I increased the weight on about half of the machines in my routine. I’m guessing that raising my arms tomorrow is going to be “an issue.”

Exercise Type
Minute Duration

Resistance (Upper Body)


Strengthening (Ab Crunches)


Strengthening (Pelvic Lifts)


I stopped at Greek Fiesta on Western Boulevard for dinner. There was an extremely handsome Mediterranean guy working there, straight I’m sure, and after we completed our transaction, I said to him, “You’re very handsome.”

“Thank you,” he replied. No big deal; just as it shouldn’t be.

I had the Mediterranean Platter, and it was most delicious:

Mediterranean Platter

Fresh Greek Salad, Hommous, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Tangy Cucumber Sauce, Grilled Pita Points, and a Marinated Fresh Chicken Breast Kabob

These Arbitron people crack me up with their fresh, crisp one-dollar bills. I got another one in the mail today along with a letter that said something to the effect of it being well into the week now and they hope that my recording of my radio listening habits is going well.

I didn’t see the dollar at first, but after I finished the short letter, I said (yes, I said this out loud to myself alone in my home), “Where’s my dollah???” And then I blew into the envelope to expand it, and voilà! There it was! I really did laugh out loud.

Good week for… Bad week for…
Clearing the lane, after the Nevada Highway Patrol began fitting emergency vehicles with “the Rumbler,” a siren that emits low-frequency vibrations as well as audible sound. Officials said many drivers play music too loud to hear normal sirens and fail to get out of the way. Mimicry, after New Jersey police kicked in a door in response to a feamle voice crying, “Help me! Help me!” They found only a female cockatoo imitating something she had heard on TV.

—From The Week Magazine 09/19/08—

I got a congratulations card in the mail today from Robert, which said: “To one of the best and the brightest! Raising the bar just seems to be your specialty” to which he’d most cleverly added, “…and frequenting it, as well.” Loved it!

Early in the day, I had intended not to go out, but then I remembered I told my friends Wayne and Cronin that I’d drop by Flex to see them in their leather regalia for “Leather Night.”

They both had on nice leather pants, but those, along with a leather belt, were not enough to satisfy the “50% leather on and you get in free” promise.

I went all out and wore this leather wristband I have, along with my black, leather tennis/dancing shoes. I, too, did not meet the minimum requirements, but at least I didn’t expect to. 🙂

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