BUStle, a lotta signage per square foot, my first deliverable, some exercise…

Today’s BUStle (Inbound)
I caught the 7:25 Method Road CAT bus, which is right at the end of the driveway entrance to our townhouses.

On Gorman Street, up by Western Boulevard, this very, very tall woman boarded the bus and had features that would not preclude the possibility that she might have once been a man. I liked her instantly, as she was interesting, not only visually, but in her conversation with the bus driver. She had a rigid polystyrene cup (that’s the generic of Styrofoam, which I hate to use because it’s a proper noun—it’s the Kleenex/tissue issue—but I digress…), but rather one from a convenience store.

I got off at the stop before the one in front of my building, not because I wanted to, but because I misjudged the stop. All of the other stops up to this point were probably about a quarter-of-a-mile apart at the least. But the stop I got off at was so close to my building that I thought there couldn’t possibly be another stop about 500-750 feet up the road. There was. Lesson learned.

I had a über-productive day at work today, and as a result, the day just flew by.

Mid-afternoon, I went to a coffee shop that’s actually closer than the one that a person on the first day told me was the closest. I had to laugh when I asked for the key to use the restroom at this place, and found myself in a room not more than 5′ by 8′, which contained none other than four signs!

  1. Over the toilet: “Please do not flush paper towels down the toilet. THANX MGMT”
  2. Over the light switch by the door: “Turn lights OFF before leaving!”
  3. Over the inside door knob: “Make sure the door is locked when you leave. Put the button on the handle in the sideways (—) position. Then there’s no need to lock it from the outside with the key.”
  4. On the back of the door exiting: “Each Employee’s Hands Must Be Washed Thoroughly, Using Soap, Warm Water and Sanitary Towel Or Approved Hand-Drying Device, Before Beginning Work and After Each Visit to the Toilet. By Order Of The N. C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources Division of Environmental Health Raleigh, N. C.”

Bottom line: That’s a lot of signage per square foot.

I created a first draft of my first “deliverable” and it was a form that we need when providing one of our services. Before I left for the day, I sent it to the admin team, asking for some feedback on it.

By almost 6:20, the 6:00 CAT Method Road Outbound bus had not arrived. As I was sitting at the bus stop, Steven Stewart walked by, said hello, and then back-tracked, saying, “Would you like a ride home?”

I accepted his kind offer, and at the light at Gorman and Western, I noticed that that McDonald’s there had been completely demolished! I had noticed that the entrance to it from Gorman had been blocked off, but I thought it was just because it creates a traffic mess right there being so close to the light at the intersection. I hadn’t looked beyond that though to notice that the building is completely gone!

“I think they’re turning it into a McCafe,” Steven said.

I went to the gym from 8:30-9:00, where I did 30 minutes of cardio.

 Exercise Category

 Exercise Type





30 minutes

A girl on the treadmill two to the left of me, with no one between us, spent the last 15 minutes of my 30-minute workout on the phone, using a handsfree headset, and talking loud enough that if it wasn’t for the din of the machines in the place, I’m quite sure I would have understood every word of the conversation. That is, if it would have been in English.

I got to bed at a decent hour this evening. These early morning starts have me rethinking my bedtime habits.

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