Knock, knock; wieners on the grill (or not); a workout; some lame dancing; and the 4th meal…

~Saturday~ The uniformed police officer knocking on the door to the townhouse across from mine, but not getting any answer, made me think of reasons why he’d be doing that:

  • Someone is suspected to be dead inside.
  • To serve a subpoena.
  • To serve an eviction notice.
  • To follow-up on a noise ordinance complaint.

What I really wanted today was some:

hot dogs on the grill

but with today’s high temperatures reaching triple digits, that didn’t happen.

I did get to the gym—after much internal debate as to whether or not I would, since I was going to get exercise dancing tonight, but I talked myself into in and I’m glad I did.

I started off with 300 ab crunches, 15 sets of 20 reps. Yay, this is finally back up to the level I was doing before I pretty much quit going to the gym back in October. I followed that up with 45 minutes on the elliptical on the “Hill” setting and Level 4, which is also back to what I was doing before the hiatus. The machine noted a 775-calorie-burning workout.

Today I listened to the right playlist, so didn’t have to futz with my iTouch while working out.

Dancing was a total drag tonight, so much so that by 9:30 (we started at 9:00), I was wishing they’d just shut down the country music and move on to tonight’s theme, which was Sin Night. We only had four regular dancers (Carl, Bill, Michael, and myself).

Chris (zinnian) was there, who does a few dances with us, and it was nice to meet his boyfriend, Juan, who actually used to dance when he lived in Charlotte, and who did Dizzy with us.

Joe and I made our way over to The Borough eventually, where Joe had the:

Uberwisconsin . . . . . . . . . . 5.50
Sharp cheddar, jack, provolone and tomato grilled on thick sourdough bread

and I had the:

Which Came First? . . . . . . 7.00
Marinated chicken, egg, tomato and red onion over mixed greens, served with a choice of dressing

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