Another banana on the bus, wanting to tap your audience, a dancing dinner for Van, & fun dancing…

~Wednesday~  I was ready between city buses, so I drove up to Avent Ferry and Gorman to catch a university bus.

I caught the Wolfline #9 Greek Village, on which once again, a hot guy thought it would be a good idea to sit holding a banana between his legs. Way distracting.

Guy holding a banana between his legs

I had no work meetings today, with the highlights of the day being devising a news item for the September edition of OIT News and setting up meeting with seven high-level folks in the university, each of whom lead a task force that’s being documented in that governance document I’ve been working on for our Vice Chancellor for Information Technology.

I need to meet with each one of them between now and next Tuesday.

Walking to the Wolfline bus to catch home, I observed a—presumably—homeless guy asking for money, mostly approaching women walking toward, or standing and waiting for, a bus, which prompted this Facebook status update:

I'm not so sure a 'I want to tap that!' t-shirt is the best choice when begging for money from college co-eds. #KnowYourAudience #EyeContactAvoided #EscapeRoutesConsidered

When I got to my car, I drove by the grocery store on the way home, where I bought a seedless watermelon to take to work tomorrow for our “Hot Dog Summer” building luncheon tomorrow. At home, I sliced it up and filled up a Thatsa® Bowl with it.

I stopped by the office on my way downtown and put that huge thing in the fridge so I wouldn’t have to mess with it on the bus in the morning.

I met Michael, Van, Bob, Joe, Phil, Ernie, and Wayne at Natty Greene’s, where we had a little thank-you dinner in Van’s honor for everything he’s done for us over the years DJing for dance night when he doesn’t even dance.

I was the first one there, and Wayne arrived next. I’ve never really spent a lot of time chatting with him, so it was nice to have some time alone with him for a decent conversation.

Bob and I split an order of their Mesquite Fries, which is my absolute favorite menu item of theirs, and then we split an order of their fish and chips. It was decent, not as great as Hibernian’s, but I loved their “spicy remoulade” sauce to put on it.

Dancing was fun tonight. Sam, a youngster Joe and I met a month or so ago now, maybe two, made a surprise appearance. He was in town as they think his mother had a stroke, and he was tending to that. He got very much into the Indy crossword puzzle with us.

We had a good number of dancers, and I got a ton of exercise in tonight. Yay for that.

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