The alphabet workout: “D” is [mostly] for dance, dances, danced, and dancing…

~Sunday~ Welcome to the fifth installment of The Alphabet Workout, which, actually started with the letter K, and then jumped back up to the top of the alphabet.

Now down to the letter “D,” here’s what the playlist ended up being today:

Song Artist
D-I-V-O-R-C-E Tammy Wynette
D.W. Washburn The Monkees
Daddy Come and Get Me Dolly Parton
Daddy’s Money Ricochet
Damn Girl Justin Timberlake
The Dance Miss Saigon Soundtrack
Dance Twister Alley
Dance the Night Away Deborah Morgan
Dance With My Father Luther Vandross

Thoughts and observations I experienced while listening to this list:

  • So, another Tammy Wynette songs makes the list. I swear I don’t have that much of her music. It’s just that all their titles begin with a letter of the alphabet, I guess.
  • With that said, D-I-V-O-R-C-E is probably my favorite Tammy song, as it’s about the power of words and games parents play on their kids that probably everyone can relate to in one way or another.
  • I didn’t recognize that D.W. Washburn song by The Monkees at all, and I didn’t like it.
  • I was not familiar with the Dolly Parton song, Daddy Come and Get Me, and found it a little too ambiguous for my taste. Is she really in a mental institution or is that just a metaphor for a bad relationship? Did she kill the guy? Or did she just fire two warning shots—into his head?
  • I also didn’t recognize Daddy’s Money by Ricochet (a group I’ve never even heard of) or Damn Girl by Justin Timberlake. This is my iPod I’m listening to, right?
  • I love pretty much everything from Miss Saigon and The Dance is no exception.
  • Both Dance and Dance the Night Away take me right to the line-dancing place, as we do a dance to each of those songs. And the dance to the latter one is one my favorite dances.
  • Dance With My Father is one of my favorite songs of all time.
  • There are a lot of songs with the word dance (or some derivative of it) in their titles. The next five or six songs on my list (which I didn’t play, but saw them when I stopped after the last song I did play) all started with the word “Dancing.”

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